Can you get where you need to go?

You know where you need to go, but don't have the resources to get there. Whether you're wanting to ride the bus, take the train, or even share a ride, there may be providers that can help.

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Transportation Resources

Many youth and young adults want to get a driver’s license and a car, which can be complicated and expensive. Having some basic information and understanding alternative transportation options can be helpful.

Buying A Car:
Driver’s Assistance:

Driver’s assistance and education for Washington state dependents (ages 15 to 21), including in-home trial return, Extended Foster Care, and individuals under Tribal Jurisdiction or Indian Child Welfare (ICW)

Public Transit Subsidies:

Directions on how to receive a reduced fare card (ORCA LIFT) for individuals who meet eligibility requirements and reside in King, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties

Transportation Assistance:

A directory of nonemergency transportation providers, for eligible clients to and from covered health care services

Assistance for those with limited mobility in finding accessible transportation services for King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act requires schools to provide transportation to and from school, for enrolled K-12 students experiencing homelessness

An information and referral line to assist in coordinating transportation resources throughout Pierce, Thurston, and Lewis counties

A public transportation network for connecting rural communities to major transportation hubs and urban centers

Travel by Plane:

A guide on how to travel by plane within the United States


How are you staying in touch with people in your network? (cell/internet)

Maybe you just interviewed at a job you’re excited about but realize they have no way to contact you.

Maybe you have family and friends that can help you through a current crisis, but need a way to get a hold of them. These resources can get you connected.

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Communication/Connection Resources

Cell Phones:

A monthly discount on communication services for low-income consumers


A directory of Washington state cities and towns, including links to find local resources

A tool to find local low-cost internet services and computers

A directory of Washington state libraries, which provide local information resources, communication tools, and other programs

Resources and tools for finding low cost internet service and computers


Mailing services, including PO boxes to hold mail and packages, helpful online tools such as informed delivery, onsite location services, etc


Do you have or need personal identifying documents in your possession

Keeping track of ID or other paperwork while moving around a lot can be difficult.

If you’re needing to show proof of your identity for employment, housing, or anything else, there are multiple agencies that can help.

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Personal Identification Resources

An official guide with information on how to replace vital records, such as a birth certificate, and other related services

A guide for how to obtain a personal standard ID, enhanced ID (EID), and/or driver license

Online account access, guidelines on how to replace a social security card, and general Social Security information

Information on different types of Tax Identification Numbers, including when they are required (necessary to work, open a bank account, etc), and how to apply for one

Guidance on the tribal enrollment process


Do you have enough money to afford what you need?

Maybe you’re in transition between jobs or housing and have realized you are not able to meet your needs due to lack of money. Or, maybe you have started a new job, but need a bank account for direct deposit.

You may be eligible for temporary assistance, might want to learn more about how to manage the money you have, or would benefit from your own bank account. These resources may be a good place to start.

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Financial Resources

Financial Assistance:

A list of federal and state benefits for financial assistance

A financial resource guide for individuals, families, and small businesses

Information on financial assistance and benefits provided by the US government

A list of organizations within Washington state that provide emergency financial assistance to people in need

Financial Literacy:

Free and low-cost financial education and counseling support

Connection to financial resources, education, and networking opportunities

Free one-on-one financial coaching for people with disabilities in Washington and Oregon state

General financial education information and links to resources

An education program to help people of all ages enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships

Cash Assistance:

Connects families and individuals in Washington state to food, cash, child care, long-term care, and Medicare savings programs

Information on cash, food, child support, disability determination, transition to employment, and other services

How To Open A Bank Account: